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How’s your business looking online?


3.Dead in the water?

Do you know the answer?

Are you sure it’s the right answer?

In our experience, MOST businesses don’t have an accurate picture of their online presence!




  • Most businesses focus on a limited marketing channels

  • Leaving cracks where potential customers fall through

  • Instead of fixing these cracks, businesses keep pouring money the same marketing channels

  • If you don’t know where these cracks are, you’re pouring time and money down the drain

  • And even if ROI seems good, it’s nowhere near what it CAN be with an analyzed and optimized online presence

Leave Uncertainty Behind!

Know EXACTLY what your online presence looks like and what gaps need filling



An optimized online presence can unleash the full potential of your marketing spend and boost your ROI. 

To enhance your presence, you first need to understand where you stand right now, and that's what our report can do for you.

The Online Presence Report

Get the free online presence report by filling out the form on this page and you too can understand your business's digital presence on the web in 7 distinct categories. 



The cornerstone of your online presence. The report includes information about page speed, home page anatomy, comparison with competitors, etc.


Social Media

An analysis of your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram presence and areas where you can improve. The frequency of your posts , their engagement and how you stack up against your competition AND the industry leaders



Your SEO analysis tells you whether your business is coming up in searches for the products/services you are selling or not and how your keywords are performing.



Your report includes whether you have any reviews, if you do, what, where, how the numbers compare against your industry and if you need to address any possible negativity driving business away!



E-commerce has evolved beyond the scope of an online store, and almost all businesses can have an e-commerce presence: find out what you and some of your competitors have.


Digital advertising

It shows you what you are missing out on by not advertising or how your ads are performing.

Want your business to come out on top in these categories?

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You Need This Report to…

  • Accurately know the true state of your online presence

  • Get an overview of the areas where you fall behind

  • See how all the pieces fit together

  • Develop a more comprehensive digital marketing strategy

  • Identify the digital marketing strengths of your competitors

  • Make the most efficient use of you marketing time and money


We can offer your business solutions to build and maintain an online presence that will dominate your competition helping your business to thrive. 

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