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Your Business’s Online Presence Is Only As Good As Its Digital Marketing Strategy

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We are in the midst of a marketing revolution. Don’t get caught in the storm!

Nowadays, customers experience brands in completely new ways.

There are always new things to explore.?

  • Augmented reality tech

  • Explosion of digital channels

  • Endless amounts of data

  • A limitless array of customer touchpoints


All of this means


If you want your business to deliver meaningful results, you need to be relevant and create an agile and resilient foundation that is designed to grab opportunities, adapt to change, and move forward.

This is where Klaxon Group comes in!

The need for digital transformation and resolving discrepancies in their digital marketing campaigns is particularly strong in small businesses and enterprises. We can help you with that.

Here is what we do!


Reimagining the Brand Experience

We help organizations initiate their brand purpose to drive value across all customer touchpoints. Our high-impact creative strategies have been successful in creating transformative brands and delivering personalized digital omnichannel experiences throughout the customer journey.

Optimizing Digital Channels

We can analyze your digital marketing channels and tools and leverage your website, social channels, analytics platforms, client databases, and automation tools in order to ensure you are optimally equipped to drive growth and pave the path to success for your company.

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Breaking Boundaries

When your digital tools are operating in silos, you are missing out on valuable opportunities. We can help create a sustainable and efficient way to track your customer’s journey by connecting all platforms together so that you can get a complete picture of your client base.

Enhancing the Customer Journey

The in-depth insights from connecting channels can help create a recipe for success. When you have a full-scope view of your marketing funnel, you can identify gaps in campaign strategies and leverage opportunities for improvement, resulting in the generation of relevant leads and a highly personalized and engaging customer journey.

Unleashing Your Full Potential

We can help businesses transform their work processes, marketing campaigns, and technology to create a future-proof digital marketing infrastructure, giving you full returns on your marketing investments. We can optimise your campaigns, run them with speed, and scale your marketing strategies to meet the demands of the market.

Driving Business Growth

We use actionable insights to tap into innovative, new sources, optimise your campaign and drive higher performance. We can help increase relevant leads to your website, deliver higher conversion rates, increase customer lifetime value, and continuously ensure growth over the long term.

But how do we know what exactly is the unique need of your brand?

Enter the Online Presence Report!

At Klaxon Group, we can help you figure out the perfect digital marketing strategy by overviewing the health of your online brand presence. This will allow us to consider various variables, including:

  • Your current website

  • The level of awareness of your online brand

  • An analysis of the industry you operate in

  • The competitive landscape

  • A whole lot more!

Transforming Your Online Presence Into a Lead Generating Machine

The main purpose of an online presence report is to:

Improve the performance of your website

Increase brand awareness

Increase lead generation and conversion

Acquiring new paying customers

Improving current customer retention and brand loyalty


Search Insights

This will give you an understanding of the performance of your website in the search engines and the weaknesses in your marketing campaign that are negatively affecting your keyword rankings. With lots of information on your keyword, meta tags, backlink juice, anchor texts, canonical issues, traffic sources, and more, it can help you create an improved SEO strategy.

Social Presence

This section can provide information on how visible your social media channels are online. It will also help you understand the level of your brand affinity, user engagement, and brand loyalty, and recommend activities to pursue in order to improve your social presence.

Competitive Landscape

This involves analyzing your competitors in the industry as well as providing insights on your domain authority and value. It can help you gain knowledge about the kind of tactics used by your competition and how well you are performing in relation to them. This is extremely useful information for creating high-authority links to improve your traffic and domain authority.


Content Analysis

Content analysis can give you information about your top-performing pages, your top content, and what pages are being indexed. It can also help you review your brand content in top pages to find duplicate content, errors in indexing, issues with CTA, and any problems with interlinking structures, as well as recommend ways to create better content.

Schema Analysis

One of the most overlooked parts of digital marketing is schema analysis. Our online presence report can provide you with detailed recommendations of the type of schema effective for your business, enabling you to create carefully curated code that can be applied to your website.

Local Visibility Suggestions

This section will let you know what you are doing differently from your local competitors. This will be a personalized analysis of your local business that can help you figure out how to optimize your local business listing and improve local search engine rankings.


Once your online presence is analyzed, you can:

  • Create a strategic digital marketing plan based on that

  • Implement a multi-level and omnichannel strategy

  • Continuous tracking and monitoring to gain actionable insights

  • Adjusting your marketing campaign to improve areas of weaknesses

With our Online Presence Report, you will have all that you need to kick-start the growth of your online business and reach more customers!

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In today’s evolving digital environment, it is imperative that you continue to improve and stay ahead of the latest marketing trends to maintain a world-class online presence for your brand while getting increasing ROI.


Klaxon Group can help you not just weather but soar across the storm of digital transformation.

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